Friday, September 08, 2006

Off to work I go

My office went back to normal hours this week (8:30-5:30, m-f) from our summer hours (8-6, m-h, 8-12 f), plus we had Labor Day off. I have to admit that I was looking forward to the schedule change. Last summer I definately made the most of the half-day fridays, feeling like I had a long weekend every week. This summer was different. After the Avon walk, I was waiting for my vacation. After the vacation, I was waiting for Jeff to get going on, and get comfortable with his new job. I just want to get back in the swing of things - get back to my regular Friday night yoga class.

Having basically taken the summer off of yoga, I really feel the difference in myself. I'm more irritable and worry about things I have no control over. While I was studying yoga regularly (December to April or May) I had gotten better control over my mind and body. I was less suceptible to depression and found life more satisfying. Since I know yoga works for me, I need to get it back in my life.

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