Friday, September 15, 2006

Hearing the truth is as important as speaking it

My parents taught me to tell the truth, and I still do. I feel icky inside when I don't (that's my gut talking, something else my folks brought my attention to). I don't find it difficult to tell the truth, but in my experience, others are not interested in the truth. It is sometimes hard for me to hear the truth about myself, but I am better for the listening. When it is something negative, I work to improve. Which lead me to the title of today's blog - Hearing the truth is as important as speaking it. A quick internet search yielded this useful biblical reference.

Communication is in two parts - speaking (not only the words themselves, but also body language, intonation, eye contact) and listening (not only hearing the words, but not simply waiting your turn to speak, reading other cues from the speaker (see above) ). To speak the truth to a party not listening does not mean the truth should not be spoken. Conversely, the speaker may not speak the truth, but their other means of communication will reveal themselves to the successfull listener.

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Murray said...

I am on the SNB mailing list and you posted the link to your blog and I broguht it up and read a little and I was struck by this posting. It is funny how it does not fit into the theme of the other stuff in the blog, but it is one of those messages that I need to hear from time to time. Thank you for posting it.

- Murray