Friday, January 29, 2010


I was dabbling with some of materials and worked up these little fleur pins for the weekend at vive la femme.  $12 and you can bring one home with you!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


I'm working on my Etsy page, which should be up and running next week.  I'm planning to use it as my online catalog for retail and wholesale customers, and as an avenue for some of my more experimental projects.  Stay tuned!

Thursday, January 14, 2010


I am elbow deep in preparing for this spring - listening to some great tunes, sketching and sampling.  I'm excited about the direction and hope you will be too!  I will distribute my catalog by the end of January with some new looks (and more to come in Summer 2010).  If you are interested in being on my email list, please contact me : redskew at gmail dot com.

Hoping you are having a fab 2010!!!