Tuesday, May 27, 2008

On the Dockett

I got another round of skirts on the floor at vive last friday - in the pink and blue prints I previewed in the last post. I received a supply order earlier than I expected, so this week I'll be making some kicky little sundresses , kind of like this....

Monday, May 19, 2008

Still in the bag

Waiting to be brought to the studio...

Next steps

Since May 8th, a couple more skirts have sold, including an aqua one that was photographed for potential use in an article in a local publication... I'll let you know on Thursday what the word on the street is.

I've also received and cashed my first check from vive la femme. What a Thrill! Thus far (hey, it's really only been a month) I've had a really positive experience and am VERY motivated to forge ahead with this whole thing. Good thing, because it looks like I'll be quite consistently busy for the summer. Stephanie has ordered new skirts to be ready for every Friday thru August!!!!!

First step... let's go shopping!

Stay tuned for a little fabric preview.


So... The first round of 14 skirts were all on the floor Thursday May 8. The store was beautiful...

I saw lots of lovely ladies trying my skirts on....

And by the end of the night, half of my skirts had sold... so I'm feeling pretty great about my new venture!

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

multi directional scarf

multi directional scarf
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So, in between sewing, I've been working on my first multi-directional scarf. I used Noro Silver Thaw in Color 2 - purple, greens, pink. It's a very easy pattern, great for the bus, and I REALLY dig how the long Noro color runs work with the pattern. I will have used 2 hanks when it's all done, yielding a cozy, long scarf.

The scarves I make for myself - very few, surprisingly, tend to not be the long cuddly kind. Once finished, I'll get to pine away for it until it gets cold in the fall :)


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So, Tuesday, May 6 vive la femme sold two Redskew skirts. Here's a pic of Mary, the very first person to buy one of my skirts! She was kind enough to let me take her picture with the skirt. YAY!

Skirts, round 2

Turquoise floral fabric
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This turquoise floral fabric has been sewn into skirts already, but you'll have to wait until after Thursday to see it all done up. I'm onto my third fabric in this skirt style and looks like I'll be quite ready for the party on Thursday.

Skirt on Body

Steph modelling
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This is the lovely Stephanie Sack, owner of vive la femme, modeling the yellow floral skirt with a magenta Schaart canvas jacket.

Skirts, round 1

Yellow floral fabric
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This is the fabric I chose for the first round of skirts. This fabric ( cotton with a little lycra for stretch, typical for this design) is a sunny yellow with magenta, tangerine, pink and lime floral.


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So, last week I got some very good advise from another designer, which resulted in revamping my approach to meet my deadline. The first skirt has been simplified and I made sturdy chipboard patterns to cut from. Onward ho!