Sunday, June 10, 2007

Knitting Delinquent

I've been busy - some knitting, but mostly everything else in life has been upside down for nearly the last 6 months. I've got the blogging bug again, and lots of projects in the pipeline to talk about!

I've got another blog Redskew Knits where I'll post the classes I'm teaching and current professional pursuits. I'll maintain this here blog for my personal knitting. I'll cross post any big news.

Also, the camera is on the fritz, so bear with me on the lacking images - I'm working on it!

Ok, on to the knitting.

From Rowan 41 - 'Maris' in Calmer, Calm colorway. The back is complete and I'm nearly halfway done with the right front! I'm working to an October deadline...

My friend Jess over at Awl Cowgirl Western Gear and I have some projects in the pipeline that I'm very excited about.

I'm working on an adorable stuffed brontosaurs from Family Circle Easy Baby Knits

Still plugging away on Annie Modesitt's Backyard Leaves Scarf