Monday, August 11, 2008

July Recap - pt 7 (the last one)

With the big storm that blew through Chicago last week, my studio got flooded. I had a lot of cleanup, but didn't loose much of value. After that episode, I lost a little steam...

But, after spending time on my brand new couch this weekend (and as I write this :) ), I am feeling rejuvenated. Good thing, too, since I have orders to fill and my fall looks to develop!

Keep an eye out for corduroy and denim skirts, a print top and a fall outdoor piece...

July Recap - pt 6

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Here are the treats, from Sweet Cakes Bakery. The mini cupcakes (in about 5 different flavors, including Root Beer Float!) were divine!

July Recap - pt 5

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The Skirts and Sweets party was solid- about 10 orders. Here are the treats, from Sweet Cakes Bakery.They decorated the cookies with "skirts" in different patterns and colors!

July Recap - pt 4

Sachet 3
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For the Bucktown/WIcker Park sidewalk sale, I worked up a few sachets. Here's one. It's smells of lavender. Other scents include "Ocean Mist", and Vanilla. There are still some at vive, $5 each, or 2 for $8.

July Recap - pt 3

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So, on the knitting front, I had been working on (and finished on time) a pillow for my friend Andrea, who moved to Seattle. The pillow is based on a Kaffe Fasett blanket pattern. I made the back out of a med-weight denim. Andrea loved it!

July Recap - pt 2

Stephanie and Amanda
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July 17, vive la femme partnered with John Fleuvog shoes and Eye Want for a little soiree. I, along with Stephanie and about 5 others modeled vive fashions, snazzy eyeware from Eye Want and killer shoes from Fleuvog. I came away with a BEAUTIFUL pair of teal boots....

July Recap - pt 1

Steph in Redskew
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Things have been a little whirlwind, but the overall pace has sped up and will continue to do so... So I will catch you up as much as I can...
I debuted a little shift, which I will re-release in the spring (after some tweaking).
Stephanie models.