Monday, June 05, 2006

Other things that have been taking up my time

It was a record setting weekend for the Chicago Avon Walk for Breast Cancer , which was this past weekend

We set a record for number of participants – 3,600

And we set a record for most money raised at any one event – 8.2 MILLION DOLLARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For reference – the Avon Foundation funds 42 clinical trials annually, at the cost of 7 million dollars!

The walk was really wonderful – lots of fantastic people, and I really felt that my efforts were worth while. Along the route there were many people cheering us on – breast cancer survivors, their families, those who had lost loved ones – all out there cheering us on, thanking us walkers for our efforts. It was truly amazing.

I walked 13.1 miles on Saturday and made my way to Warren Park, where the Wellness Village where Jeff had been working all of Friday and most of Saturday laying out and setting up tents, tables and chairs for the mess hall, and other miscellaneous hard labor to get camp set up for the walkers. After dinner, Jeff wasn’t feeling well so we went over to the medical tent where we were sent home. Jeff was experiencing the beginning stages of dehydration and exhaustion. Unfortunately, I did not wake up in time on Sunday to get in the second day of walking.

All in all, it was truly moving experience and I will consider participating in it again!!!