Monday, November 21, 2005


So far we have Jerry, Chandra, Cyn, Sarah, Gayle and myself from Lakeview S'nB making blocks, and Mary has knitting machines and has at least one knitted blanket to contribute! Way to go! Jerry is helping identify a local need for the blanket(s) we produce. Project Linus is also a consideration.

We already have 2 blocks completed! We're on our way...

I have also added a link for Threads of Compassion if anyone is interested in knitting for sexually abused women in Chicago. My goal is to complete some charitable knitting every month. In January, I'll be working on items for the February 3rd Benefit for Chloe. Thanks to Cyn for bringing this to our attention.

In other knitting news, nothing completed this weekend, but progress made on two Christmas gifts and another begun. I also made a couple of attempts to start knitting blocks for the blanket, but to no avail. I will try crocheting a block tonight.

Happy Knitting!

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