Tuesday, March 16, 2010

purple and grey...

There is a lot going on behind the scenes over here at Redskew and vive la femme, so the production has been off to a slow start this spring.... but I'm so excited about this skirt (and a few others in the pipeline) that I've got the sewing machine positively PURRRING this week.

This skirt is a purple body with a grey hem, popped with a grey/black/white stripe ribbon ($65).  It goes back to shades of grey, black and white.  Available this week at vive la femme.  Also, a magenta body with grey hem. 

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Batya said...

I just bought this skirt today! I love it and was happy to meet Amanda who was in the basement of Vive La Femme. Lately, I've been getting to know the boutiques around my Bucktown/Wicker Park neighborhood and am happy to discover eco friendly and made in the USA labels and made in Chicago designs!