Monday, October 16, 2006

Sweater Drama

Unfortunately, Jeff has the camera tonight, otherwise I'd have more pictures to post.

I made enough progress on my sweater to try it on again. The short row bust shaping is on target. The ribbing is nice and close fitting. The back, above the ribbing, is too big - if my shoulder blades were fat and jutted out of my back, it would great! But, they don't. I can do one of two things 1 - take the sweater in by sewing darts (with the sewing maching, to line up with the knit darts) 2 - calculate how far I need to rip it back (current estimation - back to the end of the 1st ball or beginning of 2nd (I'm up to the 5th ball)) and RIP RIP RIP (how appropriate for Halloween ;) ) Option 1 is relatively easy, but option 2 is more appealing (though much more work).

I embarked on this sweater to learn how to make clothes for my body, particularly in the clever way that can only be achieved with knit (and crochet) - by creating and sculpting the fabric as you go, fitting the sweater to the body.

Anywho, I still need rebound a little from the setback. I can work full time on my friend's purse, so that's exciting.

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